Middle School

Student Centered



The interplay between emotional well-being, motivation and cognition influences a student’s ability to learn. We support students in building the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.
A Unique Opportunity
In order to support students in making sense of their world, who they are and who they are becoming, we introduce them to a wide variety of learning experiences and opportunities to help cultivate their understanding of themselves as learners and as citizens of a global community. As providing a safe space for growth, for exploration, for play, for risk-taking, and for mistake-making. Through a broad exposure of subjects, activities and experiences, we share in the responsibility to help students understand their strengths, their passions, and their interests, so that they are equipped to make informed decisions ready for the next stage of their education. Our students are valued and their opinions matter. We continuously work to balance their need for leadership with an understanding of their role in a diverse community.

We see them as our next generation of changemakers so we go beyond academic skills - we help them to build the skills of empathy and compassion so they can indeed make our world a better, kinder place.
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Informed by Multiple Assessment Approaches
We facilitate learning with high expectations using assessment strategies consistent with those expectations. There is a strong emphasis on formative feedback enabling both students and teachers to receive feedback that leads to action.


English Language Arts (ELA)

The ELA curriculum is guided by the Common Core Learning Standards and includes instruction in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Collections curriculum inspires teachers' creative instructional choices by providing a plethora of unique resources—fully supported by point-of-use scaffolding—that make teaching exciting. Collections creates passionate student readers with texts that matter to them, and their engagement with the texts inspires them to become critical readers, writers, and thinkers. Collections' classrooms are current, creative, and challenging.

  • Dramatic historical stories, contemporary events, and multi-genre and leveled texts ensure that content is age appropriate and always engaging for students.
  • Instruction facilitates meaningful conversations about the texts to promote inquiry and active learning, helping students with annotation, analysis, and creative thinking.
  • Online tools help students revise, evaluate, and incorporate text evidence and foster both peer and teacher feedback.
  • Performance tasks and mentor texts offer practice and support to hone listening, articulate speaking, and writing skills.

About Nancy

Meet the Middle School Principal

Educator for 20 years
6th Year at FAS
4 years as Middle School Principal
Head of French Department (15 years)
What are your skills as Principal?
  • Assure effective daily operations, monitor student learning, foster an environment conducive to high student achievement.
  • Worked collaboratively through professional learning communities to design, plan, implement and assess student learning.
  • Created and facilitated professional development workshops with new and existing teachers on best practices for instruction and behavior management
  • Conducted staff and teacher evaluations and provided feedback to teachers for professional growth.
  • Direct staff professional growth, student discipline, parent-school relations.
  • Prepared written evaluations on all staff, met with individuals to discuss job performance, provided feedback on classroom management.
  • Assisted teachers with strategies to improve classroom management and instruction.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all student records.
  • Conducted daily classroom observations to analyze instruction and supervised staff to ensure continuous improvement in teaching and learning.
Mrs. Nancy Nabil Guindy
Mrs. Nancy Nabil GuindyMiddle School Principalnancy.nabil@forsan.edu.eg

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