Library at FAS


Learning to read so they can read to learn!

We aim to empower students to become reflective and critical thinkers.
We encourage them to become skillful and lifelong inquirers.
Our goal is to develop in students the appreciation of literature and promote lifelong love of reading.

A place for growing minds

Our school Library offers a welcoming collaborative space and rich collection of both print and digital resources to support all students’ academic and personal achievements.

Library Information

The Library is the learning hub of the school that also provides a space for reading, studying and independent research. Our resources are continually enriched to keep up with the curriculum to promote our students’ academic success and learning environments in all grades.
This will help and prepare students well for their post-graduate education.
When is the Library open?
Libraries are open during school hours and students are
welcome to drop in to browse, check out books, or work on projects or

Meet our Librarians

Jackie Nasr
I have been an English Teacher in Alexandria for the past 12 years, I believe that reading and sharing stories from an early age helps your child get to know sounds, words and language, and develop early literacy skills. When a child uses their imagination , something magical happens!
Rasha Hamdy
BA degree in language and translation. The ability to read is vital. It paves the way to success in school, which can build self-confidence and motivate the students to set high expectations for life. In fact, Reading completes Education, the more you read the more you learn and gain knowledge.