Pupils will take end of term examinations in all their subjects and reports will be available on the school website two weeks later.

Parents can make appointments to meet with the relevant subject teacher through their child agreeing an appropriate time convenient to both parties on the scheduled Parent/Teacher Consultation Day.

Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations (Year 6+)

These are externally set examinations, created by the Cambridge examination board.   They serve as a useful indicator of a student’s progress and also start to prepare students for their future IGCSE and A level examinations

Cambridge Core Examinations (Year 9)

Year 9 sit these at the end of the academic year.  The Core syllabus covers the main elements of the IGCSE programme of study and grades range from C to G.  The core examination, (originally intended for students in Year 11 who may struggle to achieve higher than a C), works very well for our Year 9 students by laying the foundations for success in the extended examinations which they take in Year 10.  It gives our students a realistic idea of where they stand and introduces them to the demands of an externally set examination.

Cambridge Extended Examinations (Year 10)

These build on the content of the core examinations and allow students to achieve grades A* to E.  Typically our students achieve the highest grades which then permit them to move on to A Level examinations or similar.

A Level Examinations (Year 11+)

These are the final stages in the UK secondary examination system.  A student will  typically choose one to three A Level subjects to study in their final two years of secondary schooling and these would then permit access to university courses depending upon the grades achieved in the summer examinations of the final year of the course.


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