We are very proud of our distinguished school that provides our children with great learning experiences & opportunities.


Leadership and Administration - our philosophy

Education is a fantastic journey, one in which we constantly strive to find our own paths but seek to create new roads that will lead us to successes along the way. 
Schools are a building of leaders teaching students to be leaders.
At Forsan American School, we believe in a growth-mindset, where we model and demonstrate a supportive culture of care, high expectations, academic and social risk-taking, and engagement. 
We constantly look to step out of the box and find creative and inventive ways to reach our goals of teacher efficacy and student learning. 
We know that classrooms are not the only place a student learns, and we insist on creating a multitude of opportunities where students can learn and practice their skills in communication, creative thinking, inquiry, self-reflection and teamwork. In addition to teaching required courses, all staff also participate in and teach Enrichment Activities, where we try and help students transfer these important life skills from activities into the classroom. 
By stepping out of our own comfort zones, we hope to demonstrate to students the importance of being well-rounded and its effect on classroom success.
Preparing kids for an ever changing and demanding world requires consistency, compassion, and creative thinking led by teachers who are curious, intuitive, and committed to success. We recognize that teaching students to survive and thrive in an rapidly changing society, where skills that students will need are for jobs that have yet to invented, requires fortitude, foresight, and dedication. Guided by research-based instructional practices, and led by a curriculum that focuses on strong foundational and 21st Century skills, our staff is committed to reaching, teaching, and helping students feel empowered to take ownership of their learning.
We focus on constantly monitoring and improving our teaching through self-evaluation, peer observation, professional development, and an overall growth-mindset. 
Our belief is that we must demonstrate everyday what we want to see in our students; and we strive to cultivate an atmosphere of trust, communication, and an overall robust learning environment for all.