We are very proud of our distinguished school that provides our children with great learning experiences & opportunities.


Forsan American School

School Purpose, Vision, Values, and Learner Goals


In partnership with parents and the community, FAS challenges and supports students to grow according to the highest
standards of academic excellence, inspires balanced lifelong learning, and empowers students with skills and character
to show ethical leadership and live responsibly as caring citizens in the school and global communities.

Core Values

We believe all students can and should grow academically.
We desire to see our students develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
We encourage our students to live according to good moral and intellectual character.
We empower our students to show ethical leadership and engage in service.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is for all learners to take academic risks by always challenging themselves to think critically and creatively and be inspired to be their best academically and socially.

  • We seek to always create links in our learning to the world around us by starting with inquiry and then applying our thinking through activity-based demonstrations of learning.

FAS Learner Goals

The following statements are a reflection of the core values of our school community as they apply
to student learning
at FAS. We strive for all of our students to:
Grow in ACADEMICS, that they may…
• Increase mastery of subject area standards
• Pursue virtuous intellectual character (intellectual tenacity, intellectual curiosity,
intellectual fair-mindedness, intellectual courage, intellectual carefulness, intellectual
humility, and intellectual honesty)
• Display technological competency
Have BALANCE, that they may…
• Make healthy choices (nutrition, exercise, sleep, safety, drugs/alcohol)
• Benefit from well-rounded, holistic development
(Head, Heart, & Hands—thinking, feeling, & doing—intellectual, emotional/spiritual, &
• Develop positive relationships with others
Develop good CHARACTER, that they may…
• Act with trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship
• Demonstrate confidence in self
• Interact with others appropriately
Experience EMPOWERMENT, that they may…
• Be creative and innovative
• Show ethical leadership
• Make a positive and lasting impact of service by seeing and meeting the needs of others